David Warren Goodknife

David Warren Goodknife

David is an experienced Lodge leader, Fire keeper and Lodge builder, with over 20 years of practice in the Ceremonial Realm. He is a Veteran Sun dancer and Fire Chief. David brings his teaching and visions he has received at the Sundance and from many Lakota Elders he has worked with, to each ceremony.

David’s ability to translate the ancient wisdom and ceremonies of the Lakota people into the modern western world is a gift that few people possess.” Steve Moore MF

The most striking attributes are his humility, dedication, sincerity and ability to motivate others to seek a higher consciousness”. Sharon Manuelito, LMSW, Dine’

The experiential Purification and Renewal Ceremony David leads have been nurtured with over 400 actual sweat lodges that he has lead. His commitment to the ceremonial path goes beyond dedication, and is reflected in the detail he attends to during ceremony. These gifts of ceremonial understandings were passed down from generation to generation that he has graciously received and is willing to share with all who are willing to benefit from this modality regardless of one’s ethnic or religious background.

David currently lives with his wife of 23 years, three daughters, two dogs, one snake, one bird and a couple of fish in the pond, in sunny San Diego, CA. He enjoys tradition crafts and woodworking. The drums he makes are finding global homes in Australia, Japan, Spain and here on Turtle Island.

David will be teaching drum making and offering ceremony at Elements!


  • Holistic Medicine and Healing
  • Musical Instrument Making

    If workshop details become available before the event we will post them here.